Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The Power Usenet Acceptable Use Policy outlines acceptable usage of your Power Usenet account, describes what we consider to be abuse of our services, and details the procedures we follow in investigating reports of abuse.

Although we wish to extend every possible consideration to our customers, Power Usenet will deal quickly and decisively with instances of clear abuse of our service, to include account termination.

By signing up and/or using your Power Usenet account, you agree to abide by this policy and to keep updated on changes, since this policy may change at any time. This Acceptable Use Policy should be considered as part of the Terms of Service for your Power Usenet account.

Reasonable Use Policy

Power Usenet may curtail unreasonable usage of its customers. Power Usenet's Unlimited account does not constitute a dedicated connection. If a customer appears to be unable to maintain a reasonable use of the service, Power Usenet may cancel, suspend, or decline to renew service for that customer without notice. It is within Power Usenet's sole discretion to determine what comprises unreasonable use.

Power Usenet accounts are for individual use only. Any non-individual use, or any use that is indistinguishable from non-individual use, is prohibited. For example, the following uses are prohibited:

Net Etiquette and Abuse

Each newsgroup can be considered as a separate "community", where those who regularly use the newsgroup have standards for what is appropriate and what is not. These standards can vary from one group to the next. Many groups have written charters and FAQs that reflect a consensus of those who regularly use the newsgroup.

At Power Usenet, we would like every customer to have the best experience possible with the newsgroups. We do not, however, wish that to be at the expense of others. The newsgroups are comprised of people from diverse backgrounds. When communicating with people on the newsgroups, it is best to keep in mind that there are many other people that reading the groups. Please consider the views and feelings of everyone and give them the same consideration and respect as you would like to receive yourself.


The following guidelines are followed by Power Usenet when we receive a complaint of abusive or improper posting from our servers. Abusive or improper posting may result in suspension of posting on an account, either temporarily or permanently, or it may result in account termination.


Copyright laws are found in almost every country. Power Usenet does not and cannot review any of the information which passes through or is stored on our servers. As a Power Usenet member, you agree not to store or transfer copyrighted material on our servers without permission from the copyright holder.


We will consider the following when evaluating spam complaints:

Repetitive Posting
Repetitive posting of the same thing in one or more newsgroups will typically be considered spam, no matter what the content.
Commercial Posts
Posts of a commercial nature and/or those from a business or commercial website are generally not welcome in any newsgroup.
Promotional Posts
Promotion of a website, organization, or business is generally considered spam in most newsgroups. Even promotion of personal or charitable websites may be unwelcome.
'For Sale' Groups
Groups with "forsale" in their name are usually dedicated to the selling and purchasing of items by individual members of the Usenet community. Be sure that your post is appropriate for the group, most of which do not welcome commercial posts or items for sale through other mediums, such as eBay.
Chain Letters/Pyramid Schemes
Chain letters and pyramid schemes are illegal in the United States. If you are found to be posting chain letter or pyramid scheme type material your account will be terminated.
Almost all text newsgroups and most binary newsgroups do not welcome crossposted articles. Crossposting means posting an article to more than one newsgroup at the same time. This can be appropriate in some newsgroups if a post is appropriate for each newsgroup it is posted to, but it is generally frowned upon.
Off-Topic Posting
Newsgroups are usually dedicated to a particular topic or range of topics. Posting material which falls outside of a newsgroup's acceptable topic of discussion may be considered abusive posting. Off topic posting with malicious intent or in large amounts will result in account termination.
Power Usenet does not tolerate Usenet trolling and such activities will result in immediate termination of service. Trolling is the act of intentionally and maliciously attempting to spark off-topic argument in a newsgroup.
Altered Headers
Altering headers in order to obscure a post's server of origin, attribute a post to another person, make a post look like a followup when it is not, or to falsely imply moderator approval is considered abuse of service and will result in account termination.
Other Abuse Situations
Power Usenet takes accusations of abuse very seriously and the company will use experience and judgment to fairly determine whether a situation is or is not abuse, whether it falls into the categories above or into a category not explicitly detailed.

In becoming a Power Usenet member, you agree to not participate in spamming and you agree to not create posts which look like spam. Power Usenet does not tolerate spam and if you are found to be spamming Usenet via Power Usenet's servers, your account will be terminated and you will be charged a cleanup fee of $50 per spam message that you have posted.

Abuse Reports

Reports of abuse can be sent to

Power Usenet cannot investigate abuse or spam that was not posted via the Power Usenet server infrastructure. In order to address reports of abuse or spam originating from our servers, we will need to be provided with full article headers.

Power Usenet will take immediate action when we receive a legitimate abuse report about a Power Usenet member. This may include suspending posting on the originating account while the abuse report is investigated.

If it is determined that a member has signed up for a Power Usenet account for the sole purpose of committing abuse of our service, the account will be immediately terminated without notice or refund.

In reviewing abuse complaints,Power Usenet will take into account the following considerations:

Power Usenet does not wish to censor or regulate our members and we seek to offer flexible service that meets our member's needs. That being said, we do want to encourage the appropriate use of our service and newsgroups in general by our members and all Usenet users.