Power Usenet News

We've increased retention from 800 to 1085 days!

August 04, 2011

Here at Power Usenet, we always aim to deliver top quality Usenet service at a reasonable price. Today, we're happy to announce that we have increased our binary retention from 800 days to 1085 days at (more...)

Power Usenet Now Providing 300 Days Binary Retention!

July 22, 2009

Power Usenet is pleased to announce 300 days of retention in all binary newsgroups, with retention increasing daily to 401 days.

In addition, Secure Power subscribers now get 18 additional connections for a total of 30 simultaneous connections (more...)

Power Usenet Now Providing 200 Days Binary Retention!

January 30, 2009

Power Usenet, Inc., has announced that effective immediately, retention levels in all binary newsgroups have increased to 200 days. This latest upgrade is a 60% increase in retention from Power Usenet's (more...)

Power Usenet Upgrades Retention to 125 Days and Now Supports Posting

June 25, 2008

Power Usenet, Inc., announced today that the company is upgrading binary newsgroup retention from 105 days to 125 days. PowerUsenet will also support posting for its members.

Power Usenet's upgrade to 125 days of binary newsgroup retention (more...)

Power Usenet Referral Reward Program

June 25, 2007

Power Usenet announced today the launch of a referral rewards program for all Power Usenet customers.

This rewards program will allow Power Usenet customers to refer others to Power Usenet through a customized URL. When a referral has maintained (more...)

Power Usenet Powers Up with 105 Days Binary Retention, Additional Connections, and 256-bit Encrypted Usenet!

June 18, 2007

Power Usenet has announced a major upgrade to its Usenet Service now offering 105 days of retention in all binary newsgroups for all customers. In addition to expanding retention, Power Usenet has also increased the amount of concurrent connections (more...)

Power Usenet Announces Retention Upgrade

December 20, 2006

Power Usenet has announced a significant upgrade to their Usenet service, resulting in extended article retention for all customers.

Thanks to this upgrade, 75 days of binary article retention is available to users of Power Usenet's premium (more...)

Usenet Retention Expands to 50 Days in Binary Newsgroups at Power Usenet

April 21, 2006

Power Usenet is pleased to announce an expansion in single and multi-part binary newsgroup retention to 50 days. This expansion is part of Power Usenet’s continual effort to offer the best Usenet experience to our customers. This will give Power (more...)

Power Usenet Launches New Website

December 15, 2005

Power Usenet, home of the $14.95 Unlimited Access Usenet Account, has just deployed a brand new website complete with advanced functionality and a sharp new look.

In early 2005, Power Usenet deployed services designed to deliver high-quality (more...)

Power Usenet Upgrades Newsgroups Retention to 40 Days

December 14, 2005

Power Usenet is upgrading Usenet newsgroups retention to 40 days.

Starting December 15, 2005, Power Usenet customers will now enjoy up to 40 days of single and multi-part binary retention. As always, Power Usenet also delivers up (more...)